“My time working at S&S as a contractor was a positive experience. Everyone I contacted was very responsive and helped me with any questions or concerns I had. I really enjoyed the assignment of working as a biological technician at BASF. I had the opportunity to hone skills I already had, gain new skills and knowledge, and create a lot of strong professional connections. I appreciate all that S&S and BASF have done to help me, and I look forward to taking my experience and applying it to my future endeavors.”

Confidential Client

“My time at S&S as a contractor was well received and greatly appreciated. The company helped me get my foot in the door with a reputable laboratory in the Houston area and provided ample support during the 6 month temp- to-hire process. If there was ever any confusion in payroll or other employment related matters, there was always direct communication between myself and S&S. I never felt “left in the dark” with this agency; I always knew I could get in touch with the staff to assist me in sorting out any issues. I just wanted to say a brief message of thanks before I continue in my scientific career path. S&S was paramount in placing me exactly where I needed to be to begin the journey. Thanks again guys!”

Tyler BlankeContractor

“I just want to say thank you very much for finding a job that is a great fit for me and my family. Everything happened so fast and everyone I spoke with in the office was always friendly and helpful. S&S was amazing during the entire process. I am so thankful for each of you. I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it wasn’t for S&S.”

Faye OlivarezContractor

“I received excellent treatment from this company and never had an issue with anything. I was very impressed with everyone I had spoken to within the company. I appreciate all the help and wish everyone much success. Thank you again!”

Philip F. Brucker IVContractor

“I had an amazing experience working for S&S, as a contractor for a (Undisclosed Client) site. I worked under S&S for a year, and the communication was great between the staff checking in on me as well as keeping in contact with (Undisclosed Client). S&S was a great way for me to put my foot in the door with a well-known chemical company such as (Undisclosed Client), and I was offered the job at (Undisclosed Client) as a full time employee. It’s now been 8 months with me working for (Undisclosed Client) and it has still been a great experience for me to be able to get to know the company, as well as for them to get to know me and my work ethic before being hired on as a full time employee. I want to thank S&S again for giving me the opportunity to be put in the position to work as a contractor at (Undisclosed Client) and give them a good impression of me.”

Olivia PattersonContractor

“From day one Eddy Woodard walked me through the hiring stage. Then Stacie Gates did the same with the paperwork part. After a couple of months I had to work with Ronda Byrd of Human Resources. It was nothing but a pleasure to do so with each of these people at S&S. My assignment was a great place and fit for me. I’m now on permanent with my new company. I owe S&S gratitude and hopefully my experience will be the same for the next person that uses S&S Professional Services”

Adrian LandryContractor

“My overall experience with S&S Professional Services has been very active and attentive to my individual needs, helping me get exposed to several positions until finally getting a job offer which I really appreciate. S&S helped me figure out how to utilize my education and past experiences the best way and to be more appealing to employers. S&S has also brought a lot of positions that I did not know were available to me and my attention. I would definitely recommend and have recommended S&S to friends and coworkers by testifying that I have personally gained a lot from them whether it is helping build up your resume to knowing the best way to utilize it and continuously being informed of the opportunities out there. I am appreciative of everything that was done for me to succeed.”

N. AgonaferContractor

“The hardest part about getting your degree is finishing school and not being able to find a job. Once you walk across that stage, no red carpet is rolled out for you towards your new career. You have to search high and low for that dream job and the search is growing! By a pure miracle, I found S &S Professional Services. At first, I thought this was just another agency that would just lose my resume in the shuffle. But that all changed when I got that email one Friday afternoon informing me of the job opportunity of my dreams. It was close to my home, it was with an esteemed company that I can learn so much from and they negotiated a pay rate that I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting as an entry level applicant. Thank you so much, S & S! I’m finally walking on my red carpet!”

A. DoddContractor

“I have enjoyed the overall experience with S&S Professional Services so far because they kept me informed about the jobs and the progress of the jobs. I also appreciated speed and quickness of the job response. They received all my information quickly and responded back to me rapidly. I would definitely recommend this company to friends because they treated me well and in a professional manner. This is a very professional company and I look forward to working with them for a long time.”

A. BrockhanContractor

“An ever increasing, though constantly fluctuating, workload in my business unit results in a need for flexibility where staffing levels are concerned. For more than a decade I have found S & S Professional Services to be a valuable asset while trying to meet both short and long-term personnel needs. Over the years S & S has provided us with many qualified individuals who have continued to demonstrate the characteristics desired of strong contributors long after moving into a direct hire position with my company. In all my interaction with S&S, I find them to be intuitive, courteous and extremely professional. I often find that S & S will respond in a more timely manner than their competition. In the fast-paced business environment in which we operate this is a distinct advantage.”

Confidential Client

“My experience has been amazing so far. I was employed two weeks after I submitted my application online, very fast! Everyone I spoke with was nice and helpful. I don’t believe I would have had interviews as fast and been employed so quickly with any other company. S&S Professional Services has the nicest and best staff, the job I was matched to is perfect and I think I am really going to enjoy it, thank you so much!”

M. JohnsonContractor

“I would like to say that my experience with S & S Professional Services was very professional and prompt. This company was able to find a job within the field I wanted, as well as a notable company. I would recommend S & S to friends and others without a doubt.”

Z. ZepedaContractor

“My Experience with S&S Professional Services was pleasant and very professional. I would definitely recommend this service to my friends and co-workers. S&S Professional Services provides a service that helps you connect with multiple companies that are looking for employees that pertain to their field.”

P. LimContractor

“Over the last 6 years, I have used S&S to help fill several positions, from Summer help to Chemists who we have wound up hiring as full-time employees. I have nothing but good things to say about any of the recruiters that I have worked with over the years. S&S seems to have a feel for what I need and almost always finds the perfect candidate to help fill my needs. Thanks!”

Confidential Client

“I have had a great experience with S&S Professional Services. The best was the communication with the recruiters. If I had any questions anytime, the recruiter would get back to me as soon as they could. I also know career hunting is very difficult right now, so the recruiters would try to reassure me that we would keep trying and something will come up. My experience was great throughout the searching portion, and I would recommend the service to anyone.”

P. PatelContractor

“I worked as a contractor with S&S Professionals for more than 3 years. The staff were very professional and accommodating all the time. I have this nice feeling that they are always looking out for me and are willing to walk the extra mile if needed. I am very happy with this company.”

Mary Ann LeeContractor

“After working nearly 37 years of full-time service for (Undisclosed Company), I landed a contract job with another global chemical company, (Undisclosed Client). I was recruited by S&S Professional Services located in Houston, Texas. My primary focal point at S&S was Stacie Gates. She patiently guided me through the process of completing the necessary paperwork and answered my questions. She is a good example of the expression “don’t let the grass grow under your feet” when it came to getting tasks professionally completed!” Sincerely, P. Ross


P. RossContractor

“My experience with S&S was excellent. I was able to easily transition from a temp to a full time employee with the company Undisclosed Client that they were working with. During the time I was a temp with S&S I had no issues with payroll or getting hired in. Everything went smoothly and I have no troubles with anybody, and everyone was nice when I spoke with them on the phone. I would rate their services as excellent with no problems.”

K. KohlerContractor

“S&S did a miracle on my resume; I had a job the next day. Thank you S&S Professional team for all your support.”

S. EL-BereirContractor

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Abby and your organization for the professionalism, outstanding service and making me feel important as a candidate. You definitely stand apart from other services I have worked with and I am very happy at my new assignment with (Undisclosed Client).”


(Undisclosed Client) is a close-knit family, ensuring each and every employee is happy, welcomed, mentored and most of all their number 1 priority is to ensure safety and wellbeing. I have only been here a few days, and I can honestly say this is a great company to work for. Any candidate you place here will definitely be in good hands.

C. McNeilContractor